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System Requirements

Windows '95/'98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Internet Explorer 5.01+
1 mb disk space

How can I test to see if it's working?

Click here if you're running the latest version (or click here if you're running an old version).

If you aren't prompted to block a popup...

... it's not installed properly. Note: You must restart Internet Explorer after running Setup to start blocking popups.  If it's still not working, try booting the from your Start menu.  If you see any error messages when it starts, please try again.  If you use GATOR or other tools, please read the section on spyware.  If you've installed the Yahoo! Companion, read on.

How do I change the options?

From the START | Programs menu, click .  The following screen appears:

  • You can disable the "pop" sound you hear when a popup is blocked by unchecking the Play Pop Sound checkbox.
  • You can Temporarily turn PopupPopper completely off using the Temporarily disable PopupPopper checkbox.
  • You can automatically allow all popups on your local area network by checking All on my Intranet
  • You can automatically block all popups not on your Allow list by checking All while Scroll Lock is on
  • You can add sites to your Allow or Block lists by clicking Add Site
  • You can remove sites from your Allow or Block lists by clicking Remove Site or hitting the Delete key.

Does PopupPopper work in other browsers or on Macintosh?

No.  It will not work in AOL, Netscape, Mozilla, or MSN Explorer, or any Macintosh browser.  Sorry-- they simply don't provide the same plug-in architecture.  In Windows, you can always use Internet Explorer, even if you dial-in to MSN or AOL.

How can I block ads in the page, and block attempts to download spyware?

Installing a HOSTS file is a good first step. It prevents your browser from connecting to banner ad servers & spyware installers. See:

Why do I see popups when Internet Explorer isn't even open? (Spyware/adware)

They are likely from ad-ware programs such as AudioGalaxy, Download Accelerator, edonkey, gain, Gator, Kazaa, Morpheus, etc. For a free adware & spyware check, try Microsoft's AntiSpyware, SpyBot Search & Destroy or LavaSoft Ad-Aware.

To learn more about spyware, visit Microsoft's SpyWare information site.

Warning: GATOR continually makes changes to your registry which are incompatible with PopupPopper.  If you wish to use PopupPopper, please uninstall the ad/spyware first.  To help prevent the sneaky or accidental installation of GATOR on your PC, simply click this link

Sept 1 2004: Note: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 includes a built-in popup controller.  It can catch the sneakiest of popups, those which use ShowModelessDialog().  It also makes it MUCH harder for popup-causing adware to sneak onto your PC.

If you have Windows XP, we strongly recommend you visit today to install the free upgrade to SP2.  If you'd like, you can disable SP2's blocker and use PopupPopper, but you should still install SP2 to help secure your PC.  Thanks!

What about Windows Message Service (non-web) Popups?

Plain gray popups with an OK button, delivered when you're not even surfing, are often due to the Windows Message service.  Learn how to disable that service here.

How do I block ActiveX installation Security Warning popups?

In IE, click Tools | Internet Options.  On the security tab, click the Internet icon and then click the “Custom Level” button.  Change the “Download signed ActiveX controls” setting from “Prompt” to “Disable”.  Also, see the HOSTS trick, above.

How do I block EVERY popup, without being prompted every time?

Simply turn on ScrollLock (This key is usually near the top right of the keyboard, sometimes labeled with a small arrow).

How do I allow a popup through when I've blocked the site or have ScrollLock on?

Simply hold down the CTRL key to allow a popup from the current site. 

Why do I see error messages about "Error: Null is not an object" or "Error: Object <null> not found" right after I hear the "pop"?

The web page has script which expected that Popup window to be there.  To hide these messages, in Internet Explorer, click Tools | Options | Advanced and check "Disable script debugging" and uncheck "Show a message for every scripting error"

How do I uninstall?

Start Control Panel.  Choose Add/Remove Programs. Click Bayden PopupPopper (Remove Only).  If the PopLib.dll file isn't deleted by this process, simply reboot and delete the file manually.

Where can I find more answers?

Check the PopupPopper NFAQ.


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