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PopupPopper NFAQ - Not so frequently-asked questions

How can I make PopupPopper look boring, like most Windows programs?

If you'd prefer a more subdued UI like this:

you can run this file: LameUI.reg.  Note: This only works with Version 2.1 or later. (Click to find out your current version).

To undo this change later, run this file: BoldUI.reg

How do I control PopupPopper with the keyboard?

When the block dialog comes up, the following hotkeys are available:

  • SPACEBAR     Allow this popup
  • ESCAPE           Block this popup
  • L                       Allow this popup this time
  • A                    Allow ALL popups from site
  • P                       Block this popup this time
  • S                    Block ALL popups from site

Can I back up the Allowed/Blocked site list?

Yes, but it's a wee bit complicated.

  • On the START menu, click Run... Type regedit
  • In the window that appears, find My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bayden Systems.  
  • Right-click on the PopupPopper key.  Choose Export from the menu.
  • Make sure the Selected Branch radio button is chosen at the bottom of the dialog. 
  • Save the file to your desktop as PopperSavedSettings.reg.  
  • At any point in the future, you can run the PopperSavedSettings.reg file (by double-clicking on it) to restore the list.
  • WARNING: Running this file will overwrite any existing settings.

Why doesn't this program minimize to the system tray?

You don’t need to have the PopupPopper Control Panel running in order to block popups.  You only need to run the PPCP if you want to edit your blocking options.

Is there a way to block popups from an entire domain tree?  For instance:,,,, etc?

Sure.  Simply boot the PopupPopper Control Panel.  Under Block Rules click Add Site. In the dialog box, enter  This will block *

Can PopupPopper block Macromedia Flash-based ads?

Not yet.  This file will block ALL Flash, but some people like Flash.  Flash is used for ads only 90% of the time or so.  WARNING: Running this file will permanently prevent Flash. 


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