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Trustworthy Computing

All software is scanned by an up-to-date virus scanner before being posted for download. Code is written to minimize security flaws. However, we can provide no guarantee that our software is free from harmful viruses or security vulnerabilities. Practice safe computing and download signed software only from trusted HTTPS sites.

How do we pay for this? (Not with Spyware, AdWare, or Spam!)

Bayden Systems does not sell or transfer any personal information to third-parties.  We do not collect any personal information which you do not directly provide to us; see our Privacy Policy. We do not send unsolicited commercial email.  We do not install "spyware" or otherwise track your activities beyond simple hit counting on our webpages. We stay in "business" through your generous donations, a bit of ad revenue, and through paychecks provided by "a real job."  :-)


The software is provided "as is". In no event shall Bayden Systems, or I, Eric Lawrence, be liable for any consequential, special, incidental or indirect damages of any kind arising out of the delivery, performance or use of this software. This software was written with great care but neither I nor Bayden Systems warrants that the software is error free.

Your sole remedy for any failure or any form of damage caused by this software is a full refund of the payment Bayden Systems has received from you, which in all cases is $0.


You may freely distribute copies of our applications to others, so long as this Disclaimer accompanies said distribution, and you do not misrepresent our authorship of the applications. You must not "wrap" our applications using an installer, and you must not "bundle" other software with ours. You may NOT charge any fee for the copying and/or distribution of our products alone. Permission is granted to include the Bayden Systems' software as part of a shareware or freeware collection, even if a fee is charged for distribution of said collection.

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