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SlickRun is a powerful but surprisingly complicated little application.  It takes time to learn, but we think you'll find it well worth your effort.

So what is a SlickRun MagicWord, you ask? A MagicWord is a "friendly name" for a program. For instance, C:\Program Files\Outlook\Outlook.Exe" might be how you start your mail program from the command line. However, "Mail" is a lot more descriptive, and a lot easier to type. To that end, SlickRun allows you to create MagicWords to programs or document files.

SlickRun loves the Internet

SlickRun can make accessing the Internet more convenient than ever! You can type any web address beginning with http:// or www. in SlickRun to instantly navigate to a web site. For even more convenience, you can create MagicWords to your favorite sites. For instance, to create a link to a web search, add a MagicWord named "go" and set the FILENAME to To search the web at any time, simply type GO, and your web browser will launch, and go to the specified web address. Adding mail, FTP, or Telnet shortcuts is just as easy.

Sizing and Placing SlickRun


Right-click on the Command Bar window to show the following menu:



The JOT feature allows you to keep short notes.  Simply drag and drop text from almost any program (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, etc) to SlickRun and the JOT will collect the text.  Note: SlickRun automatically saves the content of the JOT.

Type in the box next to Find to start an incremental text search.

Click Undo Changes to throw away any edits you've made to JOT. 

Suggestion: Drag and drop order confirmation numbers from Web pages to the JOT and it will remember them for you.

Intrinsic MagicWords

SlickRun offers a number of built-in commands that cannot be removed or configured.

Keyboard Commands

Global Keyboard commands

The SlickRun hotkey can be configured on the OPTIONS tab of the SETUP screen; changing the Jot key requires manual editing of a config file.
Note: Recent Windows versions "steal" many hotkeys, including SlickRun's. There's registry key you can set to stop Windows from taking SlickRun's default keys.

SlickRun Keyboard commands

SlickRun Math Operators

You can type simple math operations in SlickRun: Hit enter to calculate the result; the result will be preceded with a leading = to enable chaining more operations.

Configuring Sounds

Type SETUP. Click on the OPTIONS tab. Click the Configure Sounds button. In the control panel applet, click the Sounds tab and scroll the list down to the SlickRun section. Adjust each event's sound to whatever you like.

Other Help Topics

To learn more about using SlickRun, check out the following:

Free up Windows Hotkeys

Windows Explorer registers a bunch of hotkeys that my utilities default to. You can edit the DisabledHotkeys registry key and restart Windows to free them up.
Either run the following command from your shell:
reg add HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced /v "DisabledHotkeys" /d "JSAQZ"

... or you can import the following registry script:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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