Q1: Can I run SlickRun from a flash thumb drive?

A: Yes. There's a feature in SlickRun designed for running SlickRun from a thumbdrive.
Put all of the files on the keychain. You may want to copy your MagicWords and Jot.Txt files from %AppData%\slickRun and put them in the same folder as well.
Place a new textfile in the same folder as sr.exe; name the file slickrun.local.
Now, SlickRun from the keychain.

See the bottom of this page for a note about the useful $D$ and $SRPATH$ variables.

Q2: I don't want to use a flash thumb drive, but can I change where SlickRun stores its data files?

Yes. By default, SlickRun loads and stores its settings in %AppData%\SlickRun

To load and store the settings in a different path, create a new registry key for this.  Create a registry string value named SettingsPath inside HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bayden Systems\SlickRun\ that contains the path you'd like your settings stored in.

Q2B: Can I change where SlickRun stores only the Jot.Txt file?

SlickRun will look in your registry for a REG_SZ named JotFilename within HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bayden Systems\SlickRun. This value should contain the full-path to your JOT.TXT file (e.g. %USERPROFILE%\desktop\jot.txt).

Note, you’ll need to restart SlickRun for it to see the change.

Q3: I can use the SETUP screen to set the font for SlickRun, but can I set a different font for the JOT feature?

You can configure the font for SlickJot independently, but you have to edit the config file manually.

In SlickRun, type quit.
Click START > RUN > and type  notepad %AppData%\slickrun\slickrun.ini
In notepad, scroll down to the Jot section and add the following lines:
    FontName=Times New Roman
Save the File.
Click START > RUN > and type  sr.exe

Q4: I have a problem with flickering back and forth between SlickRun and another program.
In SlickRun, type quit.
Click START > RUN > and type  notepad "%appdata%\slickrun\slickrun.ini
In notepad, scroll down to the [General] section and add the following line:

Save the File.
Click START > RUN > and type  sr.exe

Q5: Can I change the systemwide hotkey for JOT from Win+J?

A: Yes, you can change the hotkey if you’d like.

  1> Close SlickRun
  2> Click START > RUN > and type  notepad %appdata%\slickrun\slickrun.ini
  3> Scroll down to the [Jot] section
  4> Edit “BringUpJotKey” to be the ASCII value of the desired letter
  5> Edit “BringUpJotModifier” if desired.  You can change the Modifier to something other than 8 (E.g. ALT = 1, CONTROL = 2, CTRL+ALT = 3, WINKEY=8)

Q6: Can I have multiple aliases for a single MagicWord?
A: Yes, simply include a comma in the MagicWord. e.g.
Filename: http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=msft,goog,fb,aapl,intc,$W$
Notes: Stock Ticker Quote

Advanced Web Tip: Want to launch addresses that don't start with www and don't end in .com, .net, etc? 

    Open Regedit > HKCU\Software\Bayden Systems\SlickRun
    Right Click > New > String Value
    Rename New Value #1 to URLExtensions
    Modify > Value data: .com,.net,.org,.de,.at,.ch
    Restart SlickRun.


There are a number of macros which you can place in the Filename field when ADDing a new MagicWord:

@SETPOS@ Move SlickRun to the <x>,<y>,<size> position listed in the Parameters box. Type SAVEPOS in SlickRun to automatically create a new MagicWord which uses this command.
@SHUTDOWN@ Show the WinXP Shutdown dialog.
@STANDBY@ Place computer in standby mode.
@HIBERNATE@ Place your computer in hibernate mode.  (Requires hibernation enabled in Windows settings).
@SCREENSAVE@ Launch your screensaver
@MULTI@ A "MultiWord" that executes multiple MagicWords. Set the Filename field to @MULTI@ and set the parameters field to a @ delimited list of MagicWords to be executed.
For instance, I use:
MagicWord: MORNING
Filename:    @MULTI@
Parameters: gotapex@msmail@outlook.exe@slashdot
....which launches these four things with a single MagicWord.

Note: The "Test MagicWord" button does not work for @MULTI@ shortcuts.

For each extra @ between commands in a @MULTI@Word, an additional second is paused.


Will launch Calculator 5 times in a row, pausing 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 seconds between each launch.

$D$ $D$ is replaced with the drive that SlickRun is running from.  Very useful when running SlickRun for Flash drives.

MagicWord: EDITPAD
Filename: $D$\editPadPro\EditPadPro.exe
Notes: Run EditPadPro from the USB drive SlickRun is running from 

Note: The Test MagicWord button does not currently work for MagicWords that use the $D$ variable.
$SRPATH$ $SRPATH$ is replaced with the folder path that SlickRun is running from.  Very useful when running programs that are stored in a subfolder of SlickRun.

MagicWord: SPY
Filename: $SRPATH$\tools\SPY++.exe
Notes: Run Spy++ from a subfolder of the folder containing sr.exe 
$C$ $C$ is replaced with contents of the Clipboard.
@calendar@ Opens a simple calendar (Also available on the context menu).

Event Handlers

There are a few event handler MagicWords that will fire if they exist...

_startup Fires when SlickRun starts
_displaychange Fires when the Windows resolution changes.  Useful when combined with a call to @SETPOS@ or CORNER, to ensure that after Windows moves your SlickRun window around due to login/logout/screensaver, SlickRun will go back to your preferred location. 

Passes the new resolution in parameters.
_a Fires when the user hits ALT+ENTER when inputing text. See the default DEFINE MagicWord to see how this is used.
_DEFAULT If you create a MagicWord named "_DEFAULT", any command which "falls through" will trigger that command. For instance, here's one that will search for anything typed on Google.

MagicWord: _DEFAULT
Filename: chrome.exe
Parameters: https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=$W$
Notes: Search for whatever is typed on GOOGLE.


See the version history for more information.