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Introducing the Bayden IEToys

IE is a powerful web browsing environment, and with a few simple power-ups, it's even better.  You can add functionality to IE6/7/8 with these tiny tools that take up almost no disk space, and won't slow down or destabilize IE.  Free of charge and free of spyware. 

Download IEToys (123kb)

You must restart IE after installing to see the toys.


Webpage reading tool

You're trying to read a website, but you can barely concentrate because the page is full of unneeded images.  Simply right-click the page and choose "Delete Images" to zap non-text page elements.

For instance, in one-click, you can cleanup Bayden's homepage:



Web-based dictionary tool

You're reading a website, and you come across a word whose definition you've forgotten long ago. What to do? Grab a paper dictionary? Maybe last century. Simply select a word, right-click, and click Define. The definition will pop up in a window of its own.

Encyclopedia Lookup

Web-based encyclopedia tool

Like the Dictionary tool, this one looks up the selected text in WikiPedia.

HTML Source

HTML source instantly

View the HTML sourcecode for the currently selected portion of the web page.
  • Select some page content
  • Choose "HTML Source"
  • IE7 Clear Tracks

    This IE7 toolbar button deletes all browsing history, cookies, cache files, etc in just one click.


    Easy to use image collection tool

    Need to copy an image, but right-click is broken? 
  • Right click in the page (not on the image).
  • Choose "Image List".
  • Click on the image to Copy.
  • The screen flashes green as the image is copied.
  • Right-click in your document or desktop and click "Paste".
  • Highlighter

    Highlighted text

    Select some text, right-click, and click Highlight to highlight the text.



    Some webpages contain malformed Internet addresses which aren't in hyperlink form, forcing you to copy the address, paste it in the addressbar, and fix any typos.  Linkify solves this problem by opening the currently selected text as a hyperlink.  If the HTTP:// at the front of the link is broken (as is done on some web bulletin boards) linkify will fix it.  If you select multiple addresses, one per line, a new window will be opened per address.


    Select some text, right-click and search for the selected text on MSN.


    Select some text, right-click and search for the selected text on Google.

    Broadband Tweak

    Faster performance for broadband users

    This optional tweak can speed up downloads when you have a broadband internet connection.  Specifically, IE will download up to 16 files simultaneously from a server, instead of the default maximum of 2 or 4.  Use for dialup connections is not recommended.

    Note: This feature does not add any buttons or menu items-- IE will just download more quickly.


    HTML Accessibility helper

    Some webpages define hotkeys to allow you to more easily navigate the page.  Unfortunately, the hotkeys are rarely mentioned anywhere, and you probably don't know they exist.  This simple little tool scans the current page and displays any available AccessKeys.

    Version History

    v1.1.8  - 2/9/2006.  Rev'd ClearTracks and ProxyPick
    v1.1.5  - 10/24/2006.  Fixed ClearTracks and added ProxyPick.
    Developed by Eric Lawrence, a program manager on the Internet Explorer product team at Microsoft.  For more IE enhancements, see

    Legal Notices
    ©1998-2024 Eric Lawrence